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Jay Lang grew up on the ocean, splitting her time between Read Island and Vancouver Island before moving to Vancouver to work as a TV, film and commercial actress. Eventually she left the industry for a quieter life on a live-a-board boat, where she worked as a clothing designer for rock bands. Five years later she moved to Abbotsford to attend university. There, she fell in love with creative writing.  Hush is her first published novel.  She spends her days hiking and drawing inspiration for her writing from nature. 

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In this suspenseful Canadian thriller, Lance, a once successful rock and roll musician turned vigilante killer, has never denied his guilt…but knows now he could've handled things differently.


With dwindling hope after two years in prison – and three life sentences ahead of him – the BC guitarist seizes his one opportunity for a life out of chains. With the help of loyal friends – straight-laced Reg and ex-druggie Jenny – Lance busts out of the Vancouver prison and begins his cross country journey with Jenny to New York City, where her street-wise Uncle Dusty will provide a safe hiding place, fake IDs, and a plan to get across the Mexican border.


However, it isn’t long before Jenny’s bad habits resurface, bringing heat on them both. They lose Dusty as an ally, and in a strange country with Feds and gangsters on his tail, Lance is forced to lead the rapidly deteriorating journey south. As danger mounts, Lance realizes the bitter truth: that freedom, whether he deserves it or not, might always be out of his reach.




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Lance is a fool.


He should’ve stayed home. He should’ve prioritized family, instead of running off to Europe to be a studio musician.


But it’s too late. His sister is dead.


After the funeral, he learns what pushed Hannah down the spiral of drug abuse. A year ago, she’d been gang-raped by a local band. At that moment, Lance’s priorities shift. He can’t save Hannah. But avenge her death…that’s something he can do.  


All goes according to plan when he's hired, under an alias, as a guitarist for the band. But his focus is shifted when, after a gig one night, he meets Tessa. Her striking beauty and wild character consume him, pushing aside his obsession with vengeance. For a moment, Lance feels a spark of peace…until one night, he realizes just how foolish he’s been to let his guard down.  


* * * 


One Take Jake is a heroic tale that ends in tragedy. The ancient stoics believed in Amor Fati, a Latin phrase that means, love one’s fate. Good or bad we must embrace it and suffer the consequences of our actions. Read this fascinating story and reserve judgment for yourself. Only you can make that decision.  Joe Lynn Turner




The Flying Dutchman


Book 3 - Canadian Historical Mysteries, British Columbia


Jay Lang

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It's 1913. The move to Cumberland is her brother Billy’s idea, and it’s a good one. The little mining community on Vancouver Island is quiet, and it’s a change—exactly what nineteen-year-old Heather Foster needs after her mother’s death. It isn’t long, however, before Billy’s gambling pushes them both into poverty. Soon after, a mine explosion takes his life.


Desperate and alone, Heather journeys to Union Bay. There, she finds a post office job. More importantly, she finds Henry. Over the passing months, Heather falls for the handsome mariner.  


After a string of burglaries on the coast, Henry suggests they move to the USA after he gets his final delivery wages. For the first time since her mother’s death, Heather feels hope for the future—a hope that’s shattered by four shotgun blasts echoing over the bay.  





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Alone in Canada after her parents retire to Scotland, Sophie Grant is content to finish her degree without partaking in the rowdy university lifestyle. So it seems like Fate when at the single party her roommate Tessa forces her to attend, she meets the charming and chivalrous Brandon Chase. In a whirlwind, Sophie finds herself smitten and living with the man of her dreams.

Everything is perfect. Until Tessa is found dead.

Soon after, Sophie realizes her own studies have taken a backseat to Brandon’s strange lifestyle. She decides to escape from the web she’d not even noticed was entangling her. However, it isn’t until one horrific morning that she realizes how far he’d go to make her stay.



One vacation is all it takes for Grace Kennedy to fall in love with Vancouver. Despite her life back in a North Ontario mining town, she decides to stay in the city. 

After befriending the free-spirited Vicki and fun-loving Jimmy, Grace finds a job at a top Vancouver nightclub. Her boss is club owner Dario – a debonaire playboy who knows what he wants. And from first glance, he makes it clear that he wants Grace.

Swept off her feet by Dario’s veracious personality and unparalleled good looks, Grace moves into Dario’s luxurious three-storey apartment. For a time, Grace is blinded by a fairy tale romance. It is only when she walks in on Dario murdering Jimmy that the stars fall from her eyes.

In a flash, Grace turns from lover to prisoner. Trapped, and in a city far from home, Grace must find the wits and courage to escape from the nightmare her fairy tale has become. 





Five years after her beloved mother’s death, Mila is forced home to Vancouver Island to care for her alcoholic, terminally ill father. But it's not all bad. While moonlighting as a cabdriver to pay the bills, she meets Ava, a beauty with a golden voice who immediately captures Mila's heart. And yet, Ava's world isn't exactly the peaceful escape Mila yearns for. Ava is forced to board her arsonist sister, Jessica, and turns a blind eye to reports of local fires. With difficulty, Mila helps Ava break away from Jessica’s toxic dependence. However, the couple’s peace is short-lived when a strange man begins stalking Ava. Despite Mila’s efforts to protect her, the hunter closes in. It takes a shotgun blast to reveal the truth -- a truth that leaves Mila in a fight against the deadly ties that bind her. 








 Heartbroken after a recent break-up, police dispatcher Danny Stewart secludes herself on her Deep Cove liveaboard boat. Outside her dreary work life, Danny’s only daily contact is her best friend, Kara. Or, she had been. Before the fast-talking Adrien Kiji sauntered into her life. Before the calls stopped.


When an eventual meeting with Kara reveals a black eye, Danny knows there’s danger. But she doesn’t know the worst of it — until Kara appears on her doorstep, clutching a laptop packed with intel on Adrien’s sex trafficking ring. For a few hours, there’s hope…until Kara disappears again. And the next day, her suicide note appears.


Everyone—including Danny’s new cop girlfriend—believes Kara jumped from the Lionsgate Bridge. Everyone...but Danny. Armed with nothing but an incriminating flash drive, Danny ventures into the sickening world of sex trafficking to find the truth. What she finds is far more shocking than she could’ve imagined. 




It’s bad enough that Emma Porter lives alone with her mental illness. But things take a turn for the worse when her ex invites her to his book signing - for a best-seller whose plot she claims he stole from her - and on the way home she almost hits a woman with her car. 


Star Marlowe.  Beautiful. Fearless. Wild. Three things Emma is not. Emma is swept up in a new life of reckless adventure. She’s happy and validated for the first time in years. But when Star exhibits more and more dangerous behavior, Emma starts to pull away.  


Then, she gets a call: her ex has gone missing.  

 Emma thinks Star is behind it. The police think otherwise. Emma is arrested and confined to a psychiatric ward for a crime she didn’t commit. No one believes her. What’s worse, no one believes that Star is real. Desperate, Emma breaks out, determined to vindicate herself by finding the woman responsible – a woman who doesn’t seem to exist at all. 





 After six months away, Jenna Malone returns home to Horseshoe Bay to find the quiet village in turmoil over a recent, grizzly murder on a local trail. Things only get worse when she reconnects with her best friend, Rain, and learns that he has wandered down a dangerous path. He has two months to pay a debt he isn't responsible for. If he fails, he’ll meet the same fate as the man on the trail. Gia, a beautiful woman with a similar debt, is assigned by loan sharks to keep an eye on Rain. As the situation for Rain grows dire, a deep passion blossoms between Gia and Jenna.

 With the deadline approaching fast, the two women devise a plan to outmaneuver the loan sharks. However, the plan collapses when an unexpected truth turns Jenna’s world upside down. In a final, desperate moment, Jenna must make a choice—a choice that decides the fate of the person she has come to love. 






After taking the fall for her former lover, Paisley Stewart comes out of a stint in prison only to stay in another: her childhood home on Vancouver Island, where memories of her homophobic childhood linger. To her relief, her parents plan to vacation in Florida for part of the summer, leaving her to take care of the rental cabins. However, the relief is short-lived. She has a co-landlord: the know-it-all Ivy Logan, a family friend and childhood enemy. Little do they realize that their friction is setting off sparks, and a summer romance blooms.

However, their happiness doesn’t last. Ghosts from Paisley’s past emerge, and what was once an idyllic dream becomes a living nightmare. The girls find themselves in a desperate fight for their lives, and Paisley must decide—how far will she go to save the woman she loves?







 Freedom Jones is a day away from being evicted from her Calgary apartment. So, when her criminal foster brother Johnny calls in a panic, she is not keen on adding more drama to her problems. Nevertheless, she goes to see him, and Johnny presents Freedom with a strange wooden box. Before Johnny can explain further, there’s a pounding on the door, and Freedom watches from under a bed as her brother is murdered.

Freedom escapes and seeks refuge in Vancouver with Lola, a friend of Johnny’s, only to find that the woman only wants what’s in the wooden box: nine flawless diamonds. Freedom runs, leaving the box behind and the nine diamonds hidden in her pocket. From there, Freedom travels to the Sunshine Coast where she meets Skye. The women fall in love, and Freedom discovers how true happiness feels. 

But her happiness only lasts so long; Freedom sees a news story about a Calgary cop searching for nine stolen diamonds—a cop she recognizes as her brother’s murderer. She then gets a panicked call from Lola, who claims that the crooked cop, Carson, is going to kill her if he doesn’t get the diamonds back. Freedom agrees to a hand-off, if only to rid herself of the diamonds and escape the fear she’s been living with.

In disguise, she goes to meet Lola at the bar, only to see Lola, Carson, and her brother Johnny waiting. She leaves, knowing now that she is merely a pawn in a bigger game, and that she will only be a liability after the hand-off is completed. Despite her efforts to hide on the Coast, Freedom knows she will be found, and must devise a way to protect not only her life, but the life of the woman she loves. 



Jules Gordon has spent the past fourteen years as a recluse after her mother was brutally murdered and her father framed for the crime. Things seem to improve after she accepts a job as a private investigator for a local firm where she meets the enigmatic Katie, and a passionate romance develops. However, just as Jules’ life starts to show promise, she receives a call from a parole officer who tells her that her father is being released from prison. Apprehensive, Jules lets her father move in. Her father, now terminally ill, divulges the name of the man who framed him. In a twist of fate, while investigating her first case, Jules believes that she’s stumbled on the trail of her mother’s murderer.

As Jules slowly unravels the truth, her pursuit for retribution turns deadly. A game of cat and mouse leads her deep into the underworld, and she realizes that she has been played for a fool as she stares into the eyes of the true killer






Jade Banks thinks she has finally found happiness. A home on a beautiful little island, and a good woman, Annie, by her side.  But that all changes when her father dies and leaves her brother, Denny, in charge of the family fortune—a brother Jade knows is seeking to destroy her.  After a night away, Jade returns home to find Annie hurt. A short time later, a body is found in the bay.   Over a hellish few weeks, Jade is caught up in a police investigation while her insecurities and paranoia push Annie away. With the intention of restoring peace to their lives, Jade gathers clues that point to the murderer. However, she is not prepared for the shocking truth revealed by a shotgun blast that echoes over the bay.