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Julia Dovey grew up in Aldergrove, BC. In eleventh grade she decided to write a book after a substitute English teacher gave a positive comment on a short story, and her first full-length and hilariously bad novel was finished in three months. She went on to get a bachelor’s in Creative Writing from the University of the Fraser Valley, where she kept writing novels of (hopefully) increasing quality. Today she hails from Abbotsford, BC, where she writes to the tempo of unceasing rain.  


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Ever since their first writing class together, Diane Dew has been Mindy’s literary nemesis. Try as she might, Mindy’s successes could never surpass those of the prissy, perfect rich girl.

Mindy isn’t shocked when Diane’s latest novel squeezes out a good review from a notoriously tough critic. However, she is shocked to receive a message from Diane out of the blue. Her life, it turns out, is far from perfect; her success has resulted in the online attention of a hateful, anonymous stalker.

When danger seeps from computer screen to reality, Mindy finds herself aiding Diane in her search for the truth. Mindy also faces unending resentment from family due to ghosts from the past. Eventually, she learns that the villain of a story depends on who reads it, and love stories often come out of the blue. 







Lipstick Tattoo

Bianca used to write romances before Pete made her realise how silly they were.

His poetry focuses on reality. It means something. Romances – “saccharine calls for pity from bored housewives” – have no footing in real life.

 But when Louise – a sophisticated journalism student with date-purple eyes and a kiss tattoo – makes a chance reappearance, Bianca’s simple story takes an abrupt turn. Bianca is faced with two paths. One: safe, paved, and colourless. The other: a twisting, vibrant trail into the dangerous unknown.