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BWL Publishing Inc. is a Canadian publisher of popular fiction actively working with International and Canadian authors to publish their fiction in a worldwide marketplace. BWL Publishing Inc. is located in Drayton Valley, Alberta. To reach us by email bookswelove @ telus.net (remove spaces)



Brian Roberts, President

Brian Roberts retired from the practice of Law as Senior Partner with Borden, Ladner, Gervais, Securities and Corporate in Calgary, Alberta in 2014 and together with Judith Pittman formed Canadian publishing company BWL Publishing Inc. with a focus on providing publishing opportunities for Canadian authors wanting to publish their books with a Canadian publisher.  






 JD Shipton, Vice President  

Born and raised Albertan, English Lit major from the University of Calgary, RCAF Captain (ret), and currently splits his time flying helicopters, learning the publishing business, editing, learning to code, and, as ever, reading.  With so many inspirational authors to work with, writing might also find itself in the queue. 






Judith (Jude) Pittman, Vice President and Publisher -  bookswelove @ telus.net

Judith (Jude) is the Publisher for BWL Publishing Inc. In 2014, after retiring from her position as a securities legal assistant for Brian Roberts, Jude and Brian made the decision to form the corporation BWL Publishing Inc from the foundation of Jude’s independent publishing business Books We Love. BWL is an Independent Canadian Publishing House. As a member of the Association of Canadian Publishers BWL adheres to the high ethical standards expected of fully royalty paying non-subsidy Canadian publishing businesses. BWL specializes in audio, digital and print fiction with a special focus on publishing novels with Canadian settings. especially those with an emphasis on early Canadian history. 


Jude is also a multipublished author, and you can find her books and author bio here: https://bookswelove.net/pittman-jude/




Marketing Representative (Musicians) Jay Lang


Jay Lang grew up on the ocean, splitting her time between Read Island and Vancouver Island before moving to Vancouver to work as a TV, film and commercial actress. Eventually she left the industry for a quieter life on a live-a-board boat, where she worked as a clothing designer for rock bands. Five years later she moved to Abbotsford to attend university. There, she fell in love with creative writing. Jay divides her time between writing suspense thrillers and recruiting for BWL's Creative Non-Fiction division with a special focus on Musicians.




Nancy M Bell, Acquisitions Manager and Senior Editor

Nancy is the author of multiple books including young adult and adult series novels and stand alone novels.  Nancy is a proud Albertan and lives in Alberta with her husband and various critters. She is an animal rights advocate and has worked with and fostered rescue animals.  Nancy is a member of The Writers Union of Canada and the Writers Guild of Alberta.





Editor Gail Branan

For most of her career, Gail Roughton lived a double life as paralegal by day, writer by night.  Now retired from her forty-one years in a law office, she’s enjoying the freedom to concentrate on her writing career.  Under the pseudonym Gail Roughton, she’s multi-published with credits including the War-N-Wit, Inc. series, my name be Cain…and my color be Se’ben, Vanished, and Country Justice, the first book in the Southern Justice series.





Editor, Susan Davis

Susan has been an editor and author for many years working with small and mid-sized publishers. Using  the pseudonym S. Peters Davis she writes page-turning supernatural thrillers.  Her novels are high intensity thrillers combined with ghost stories and romance.

When she’s not writing, editing, or reading, she’s hiking, RV’ing, fishing, playing with grandchildren, or enjoying time with her favorite muse (her husband) in Southwest Michigan.  Website: http://suda788.wixsite.com/spetersdavis1





Editor Renee Duke grew up in Ontario/B.C., Canada and Berkshire, England. Due to a treacherous re-drawing of county lines while she was out of the country, her little English market town is now in Oxfordshire, but she’s still a Berkshire girl at heart.After qualifying as an Early Childhood Educator, she went on to work with children of all ages in a number of capacities, including a stint in Belize, Central America with World Peace and Development. These days she still does occasional interactive history units with 6- to12-year-olds at an after-school care centre but is otherwise retired and able to concentrate on writing.





Editor Victoria Chatham was born in Bristol, England, where she grew up in an area rife with the elegance of Regency architecture. This, along with the novels of Georgette Heyer, engendered in her an abiding interest in the period with its style and manners and is one where she feels most at home.  Apart from her writing, Victoria is an avid reader of anything that catches her interest, but especially Regency romance. She also teaches introductory creative writing. Her love of horses gets her away from her computer to volunteer at Spruce Meadows, a world class equestrian centre near Calgary, Alberta, where she currently lives.   http://victoriachatham.blogspot.ca/




Editor Susan Anderson-Coyle is a retired teacher who studied at the University of Calgary, Susan keeps her hand in the literary world by editing for BWL.






Editor Siri Jeffrey In addition to being one of BWL's mystery and suspense  editors, Siri Jeffrey is also one of BWL's authors writing under the pseudonym Elizabeth Dearl. 





Michelle Lee, Art Director

Michelle Lee is a cover artist for BWL Publishing Inc.   She is the artistic one; which is odd, given that even with a ruler she can’t draw a straight line.  But let her open up a graphics program, and watch out.  Creating graphics is a labor of love.  As much as she may complain about creating covers for certain genres - there is a simple joy in creating a face for a story, which is what a cover does.  With her designs, she hopes to provide the wrapping for the gift an author creates. Website:  Michelle Lee