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Canadian, born and raised in Ontario, I'm humanitarian, and an environmentalist. Reduce, re-use and then recycle. I'm proud of the fact we have solar panels on our home. We have a 20 pound fluff-ball who runs the house. The humans simply pay the bills and ensure she gets fed twice a day. She is rather insistent upon the treats as well. Our dog isn't spoiled at all.

I love baseball. Well, to be honest, I haven't played in years. I'm a Blue Jays fan. I like to grumble when they don't win.

My husband is an avid reader who gets the first read on my manuscripts. If he likes it, he does some editing and gives me advice and suggestions. I'm always open for those, even when I grumble and argue about it. If he doesn't like my latest attempt, I sulk in the corner like a kid. Not really, just in my mind. But that manuscript gets placed on the back-burner until I decide what to do with it. Delete is aways an option.


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